I would like to start this blog by apologizing to Peter Pan, you were right growing up issa trap. Where is Neverland when you need it? Am I the only one who calls on my inner child when life gets too tough?

I was one of those many, many fools who couldn’t wait to grow up and be my own boss. But after doing grocery shopping, I always rush home to my trusted lover (Merlot) and watch my favorite motivational speaker Dory who reminds me to just keep swimming.

When the clock strikes 5 am, 5.20 am, 5.45am and finally 6 am (do not judge me I am sure you hit that snooze button too) I wake up realize those bills won’t pay themselves. This blog is meant to hopefully give you some ideas on how to adult like a super star or at least fake it till you make it.


  1. Sit down and write down your expenses (honestly) and cut out what is not necessary and here is the pincher keep to the budget. Even it means you have to avoid certain isles or shops when at the mall.

RA and Insurance

Despite popular belief you are never too young to start a Retirement annuity fund and life cover fund (FYI you get money back from the tax men for these funds, here’s to that extra pair of shoes you have been eyeing)

If you have a car or anything of value find an affordable insurance and do the damn thing a rainy day will come it’s all kinds of hot when you are prepared.

Invest in yourself

Study or gain more experience at work this makes it easier when you want a raise from your boss. More qualifications can equal bank and gaining more on the job experience might open more doors for you.

Find a stokvel or a saving scheme that you like but save, save, save. Do short term and long term saving.

Be money savvy,

So if you like me and enjoy dining out rather go out once a month and start a dinner club. Where you take turns hosting and the host is responsible for the main meal and the guests bring the starters and desserts and some drinks. Make it fun and make it themed and add some games trust me completely worth it.

Also join a loyalty scheme where you get discounts at the movies or the local restaurant. Who says you can’t enjoy your life on a budget.

When it comes to your shopping shop at a place where you get rewards or get a medical aid that rewards your healthy choices. I enjoy when vitality sends me cash back for my healthy shopping options. Also Thrift shopping isn’t only good for your wallet but also for the charities involved.

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