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Feeding the travel bug

I have always wanted to travel. In fact, I would love to spend a year or two out of my suitcase just travelling the world, discovering the places that aren’t so touristy. I dream of visiting the Pyramids in Egypt, attending the Rio Carnival and admiring the artwork at the Louvre.  However the zeros in my bank account always come together and do a Mexican wave for my dreams and then get together and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh ( you get the idea don’t you? Sigh!)

So my favorite faithful lover, wine, says I can’t keep on turning to him when my bank balance is being a meanie so instead I get creative. I started spontaneous Saturdays with a good friend of mine who has the same problem, seems bank balances are the new bullies. So it never happened intentionally but after yoga we would find ourselves taking a drive to the beach and dreaming of taking a road trip through Egypt or sipping wine in Bordeaux. After daydreaming we would find ourselves in a place we didn’t plan but enjoyed discovering and making memories. So it began that one Saturday a month we would go to different places around our town to go hiking. Whether it was chasing the sunrise in Morgans bay, being one with the animals in Inkwenkwezi Game Reserve or tasting Craft beer in Chintsa.

Do I still dream of the far places yes definitely but I am enjoying the stunning places at home. So here is my survival list (whilst you’re waiting for your bank balance to become your friend).

Just like the zeros get together to laugh at your dreams, so should you find like-minded people to do the spontaneous Saturdays. It makes the memories more memorable and the stories richer and easier to remember as you get older.

Find places around your town that offer a little bit of everything, great view and place to eat. Try something different go hiking, or swimming in places you haven’t been try smaller eateries whilst there, not the always tried and tested restaurants.

3. Save, save, save
While doing the spontaneous Saturdays start a saving scheme for your big trip abroad. You will need to sacrifice certain luxuries so you can save more in a short amount of time. Have a deadline or a destination this well help in achieving your goal in a limited time.

It is often said life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so go to places and do things that wouldn’t necessarily be on your travel list.

Travel while you are young and able. Do not worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.


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