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Review of Oceana

Their tagline is “where heaven, earth and Ocean meet, “I know right? You need only go on their website and be mind -blown. However in the day and age we live in, what we see online isn’t always what we get. I recently went there for my birthday getaway/ girl’s trip and I can honestly say they met and surpassed our expectations. The setting is intimate, a perfect mixture of bush, beach and fine dining.

My personal highlights were the staff, they attend to your every need efficiently. They have the ability to be friendly but not too familiar. They make you feel at home, they have a personal touch. They do their job so well that you might incorrectly be led to believe you are the only guests there.

My friends and I did the spa treatments and the ladies really know what they are doing, their spa is truly serene and well kitted out for all their different treatments they offer. It really started our getaway on a high note. We left the stress of the week on the massage beds and started our champagne weekend all stress free and our feet that felt like they were gliding. You know that peace you have after a massage where you wait for the ants to finish crossing or is it only me?

What followed next is the picnic on the beach, they have 7 km of private beach. It is stunning, great for those Instagram pictures, however the walk back to the dining area is quite the work out. Your legs and booty will thank you.

They offer game drives and you need only look at some at the pics that I took to see that the animal’s selfie game is on fleek. We even got to feed one of the baby bucks, he was too adorable for words. Unfortunately they can’t have lions but the animals there more than make up for it.

Another highlight was the food, I really struggled to find anything wrong with this establishment. Every meal was tasty but dinner was my favorite, the chef really showed off his skills. The foodie in me was in gastronomic heaven, each course had layers of flavors. My sweet toot was not disappointed with the dessert. True to Oceana style they added a personal touch and surprised me with my own birthday cake, they sealed it, now I really need to go back.

If you are planning an intimate wedding, honeymoon, romantic getaway or just want to spoil yourself Oceana is the place. It definitely deserves every one of its 5 stars.

Disclaimer, this is not a paid for review. Go on to to see some the amazing specials they have on offer.

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