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The morning habits of successful womyn

I believe that this year is the year of the side hustle and coming for everything they said we couldn’t have. In order to achieve this it is not enough to believe it and say it, it requires that I put in work daily and that I change certain things. Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day and neither was Oprah or any of the phenomenal woman we look up to. Yes we might not be running empires (for now that is) however we could learn to win this life thing a little better. Like the great home girl I am, I have researched some morning habits we could implement into our lives to get us closer to our dreams, your welcome!

Habit one: Meal prep and check weather and plan outfit

The real work starts the night before, packing the lunch into lunchboxes and putting it in the fridge. Planning the outfit and laying it out. I have a love/ hate relationship with time in the morning I believe I can do wonders in 45 minutes and get even grumpier (I am not a morning person) when I don’t achieve half the things and to top it off I am running late. However since implementing this habit I am able to do wonders, I feel prepared and I even manage a smile.

Habit two: Morning meditation

Of all the habits this one is my personal favorite. I started waking an hour earlier than usual, at 5 am (cry with me). I use this hour to pray, meditate and journal. Not only am I centered and in a great mood (within reason I am still not a morning person) I am early for work and have a thirst for life. Meditation is great in that it trains your mind to let go of unnecessary negative thoughts and decreases stress and anxiety. On days where I am my own wonder woman I wake up at 4:30 so that I can meditate and go for a run but mostly a walk.

Habit 3: Greet colleagues

You’re probably going to say really Sandy? Did you run out of things to write about?  Truth is we spend most of our time with our colleagues and no they do not need to be our friends. However the better our working relationships the better our working environment. You also get a heads up of who to avoid for the day just by a simple hello and listening to their response and reading the body language.

Habit 4: Tidy up the work area and draw up a to do list

You are finally at your desk now what? Tidy it up, check your calendar and plan your day by doing all the important things first. Another great thing to do is after lunch do a Jam session (just a minute of meditation) and then check how much you have achieved and what is left for the day.

As always I always appreciate your time, perhaps there are morning habits that you have that you want to share. Let me know on the comments section.

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  1. This review helped me to remember to stop slacking in moving forward to get where I need to me. I agree powerful indeed.

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