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The year of the side hustle !


Hello my amazing readers! If you are one of my friends you have probably heard me say repeatedly that this year is the year of the “side hustle” and the year of “coming for everything they said we couldn’t have”.  But what does this mean in real technical terms, todays post is answers exactly that.


Firstly you need to decide whether it is just a hobby, distraction or something that you want to monetize? If the answer is monetize then you need to see if you can make bank? Are you making money currently? Does it match your salary and then some if not then perhaps don’t write that resignation letter just yet. A friend with her own business suggests waiting about two years using that time to build your brand and get new clients before leaving your nine to five. Nothing wrong with managing both, be warned it requires sacrifice but the rewards are oh so worth it.


By this I mean do you have a support system? This can be friends who are available to you when you need to vent or in need of an unbiased opinion. When I decided to start blogging a friend of mine put me in contact with two bloggers and they were both helpful and they were truthful about the ups and downs of blogging and they agreed to mentor me which was a great support in times of self-doubt. When pursuing our hustle the excitement fades and the inspirational quotes just become per functionary this is when you need the tribe members to get you out of your funk and back on your path.


We are often drawn in by the allure of being our own boss and setting our own time that we forget that we have to be the boss. So this means prepare yourself mentally and emotionally and even physically to shift from the employee mindset into that of the C.E.O Remember although you are the boss it is still work. Perhaps you can afford one or two employees whether they are your friends or family members separate work from personal and handle your business boss lady.


Be prepared for the sacrifice especially in the beginning when you are juggling your career and side hustle at the same time. In the beginning of this blog when I was in the planning stages I suffered a horrible paralyzing panic attack that was a reminder that I am only human and I cannot do everything all at once and that saying no was important for my well-being.

Are you in the planning stages of your own side hustle or is it up and running? What are the lessons or tips you have learned or would like to share as always your opinion matters.



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  • Chrizelle

    it is never easy to begin a side hustle especially to know which one will be the right one, but u will never know if u don’t give it a try. I am looking into starting my own side hustle but researching first, weighing the options and mostly checking if I will love doing the choice I will make.

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