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How to chase your body goals in winter

It is often said that summer bodies are made in winter, what they don’t say is how hard it is. They don’t say how seductive your blankets are, how scary the dark is or inviting are those winter meals.  So if you have some body goals you’re chasing whether it’s to lose 5kgs or gain some muscle or to be more defined but your struggling with a change of season. This post is for you.


It could happen that the first problem is how to leave those inviting blankets that have accepted you as a resident in their hearts. Well try changing your alarm ringtone to your favorite on the go song. Oh and put the alarm on loud and somewhere out of reach so that you have to physically get out of bed to switch it off.

You finally up now what? Switch on the light, head to the bathroom brush teeth and wash your face, the water and the brightness should help in waking you up. What if you really stubborn and still don’t feel like going out into the cold for that walk or run? No need to fear just go on to YouTube watch a home workout video.

Another suggestion is the buddy system: get a friend to do the morning jogs with, being accountable will increase your chances of you turning up for a work out. I would also suggest getting winter work out gear nothing like new clothes to make us want to be seen. Also warmer workout gear will make morning jogs more pleasant.

Remember the winter blues aren’t only bad in the mornings they are as worse at night as the sun sets early. That’s why it is essential to join a club or class (it makes no difference whether it’s a running club, or a gym) as long as you have partners in crime. Be sure to change the routine so that it stays exciting maybe try out that class of Zumba you have been considering. Sign up for those fun walks or park runs.

Try out something new


Have a daily reminder whether it’s a written down set of your goals you want or a pic of the body goals you want this will also help. I find a personal note to myself always reminds me why I am doing what I am doing. Finally remember to load your phone with some great music we need all the help we can get.

Are you still not convinced well the google doctor in me (first in my class, saver of no lives) wants you to know: That the endorphin rush that you will get from a morning workout will give you a head start for the rest of your day and endorphins fight the winter blues away!

Do you have any other tips for a sister who’s trying to reach her body goals and struggling with the changing seasons? Please let me know

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