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Monday inspiration..You are enough!!

Sometimes (All the time) we need a little push in order to Monday properly. As a result I want to start a little section called inspirational/ motivational Monday.

So for my first segment I want to focus on a quote by one of my favorite poets Maya Angelou. The reason I chose this quote is that in the world we live in, we are constantly sold the lie that we are not enough. If we could only just drive a certain car, be seen at the popular hangouts or be a certain size and have the best brows then maybe just maybe we could be enough until the next trend comes.

You see this quote is just a reminder that we are enough just the way we are and at the place we are at. Secondly it reminds us we have nothing to prove to anyone. Not only are people’s opinions fleeting and don’t pay our bills. Just remember we cannot please everyone we are not chocolate.


So today if you can do just one thing it is to accept and embrace your awesomeness and switch off and throw away that people pleaser dynamic. Happy Monday, please share this perhaps this is the motivation someone has been looking for 🙂


  • Kim Scharneck

    It’s true what you say- we are constantly sold the lie that we are never enough, and it’s so sad, because we actually start believing it, questioning ourselves and wanting to change things about ourselves to please others.

    This blog was just what I needed to remind myself that I AM GOOD ENOUGH!!! If anyone finds fault in me, then they can happily make their way past me, because I don’t need such negativity in my life! Bye Felicia!!!

    Thanks for the reminder…

    Looking forward to your next blog…

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