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We’re going to need more wine

Firstly can I just say if I were to be famous enough that a memoir about my life would be commissioned this is the name I would choose. So thanks Gabrielle I now need a new name. The title is not a suggestion it is an instruction we are going to need more wine and lots of it with a side order of popcorn.

From the beginning right until the very end it feels like I am with my best friend listening to her regale me all about her life over a great meal and the waiter keeps on coming over only to refill our glasses. Which is great as this was exactly what she was going for.


Gabrielle starts out sounding like the girl next door until she name drops and you like oh yeah definitely next door but not from my neighborhood. There is no subject too revealing or stone left unturned. She lets us all the way in. So without revealing too much I will tell you ( in no particular order) my 5 personal favorites from the book;

  1. Code 261-As a fellow rape survivor I understood her ordeal even though I still struggle to read other survivors stories. I commend her for the rape advocacy work she does. One thing about this warrior womyn is that when she gets involved in a cause she is all in no half measures.
  2. Couple goals – We have all seen what an amazing and fun couple her and Dwayne are (I follow/ stalk them on Insta) but she tells us about the work they put in to become the couple we oh so love. She writes about the prenup that was signed only two days before the big day.
  3. Colourism -All I am going to do here is quote her, cause she says it so well. “Dark skin and Afrocentric features aren’t curses. We are beautiful. We are amazing, accomplished and smart” ( sips tea) In a time where we still need to be having this discussion its empowering to have someone with her star power adding a voice to the daily struggles.
  4. Her fierce and fearless award acceptance speech- I have to give it to her she knows how to speak her truth even if it isn’t always pretty. It made me reflect on my own not so pretty flaws and how I need to do better.
  5. The rest of the book-Yes seriously, cause I loved the entire book. There was some chapters that I was on the floor from laughing. Some chapters I wanted to hug and soothe her (Crash burn marriage and a tale of two Martinez).

At the end of the book all that was needed was a mic drop. If you have not read it yet what are you waiting for? As always I would to hear from you, telling some of your favorite chapters from the book.

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