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Be fearless

Happy Monday! ( a moment of silence, I never knew I could use those two words together). Are you living in a world of what if? if only? in my time? or worse what will people say?Well I am here to say stop it. The last two weeks have been a not so gentle reminder that life is not only precious but extremely short, we have no say in when it will end.


That is why today for our inspire Mondays.I want to encourage you to be fearless.Do you know that the very definition of fear is an unpleasant feeling due to a perceived danger. This means that most times there isn’t any real danger, except for the one we think up to block us. I honestly believe we regret the most the things we didn’t do more than the things we did.


It doesn’t have to be anything big. It could be changing your hair colour or finally writing that book or quitting your job to travel. Just do it .Too many of us are living a shell of what our lives are meant to be like. One last thing. If you decide to take that leap but you still fearful, it is okay, it is normal to be a bit scared but do it anyway.



  • Chrizelle

    we all need change for the better and yes it’s time to me fearless and actually doing what we said and always hoped we would do. No talking and more doing, our actions must speak louder then our words.. Really feeling ur post.

    • sandyspl

      Thank you so much. Glad I could inspire. Yep the time for talking is over now its to put one foot forward and take the leap. No looking back

  • Mankwali

    Thanks for that. It is totally normal to live your own true definition of normal that makes you happy. Most times we really live our lives according to other people’s expectations.

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