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Self-care time ladies

We live in a world where hashtags such as #whilstyouweresleeping are trending. I get it you were being creative and who am I do discourage that? However I am curious though does this mean you do not sleep? Does this mean you do not rest?

We live very busy lives, it used to be called the rat race but now I fear it is a far faster pace and even more exhausting.  Young people are experiencing things that old people used to think they had monopoly on. We are experiencing, quarter life crisis, we are depressed, we are burnt out and we are trying to cancel our memberships to adulting.

Sometimes this could be caused by our constant need to have the perfect Instagram life, our need to have all those hashtags. It is also a result of the fact that it is a great time to be alive, we are able to make our dreams a reality. We are career orientated and goal orientated slayers. We want (and can have) everything!

What happens a lot of the time is that we do not take care of our most important tool ourselves (mind, body and spirit), as your favorite (my mom says I am everyone’s fave) I have got some ideas for me time that will satisfy the different parts of you.



  • We all have our required sleep time figure out yours and stick to it. Some people can fully function on 4 hours, I require 9. To be honest I cannot manage that every day but I treat myself at least twice a week. As a result, I am more productive. More lives are saved, your welcome.
  • Exercise whether its high intensity training or walking, you need to keep your body moving. Start out with a thirty minutes a day.
  • Treat yourself to a yoga day


  • I read a book once a month, every so often looking for a different theme. I.e. something that challenges me, scares me or motivates me.
  • Meditation, the brain is active all day every day. It needs to be trained to relax, to focus on intentional thinking. This is my favorite me time past time and I try to do it every day.


  • Find something that feeds and nourishes your soul and do it once a week or as often as possible.
  • For me it’s Church, being in nature and the Sacred Space on Sundays on Metro FM.

Extra tips for me time

  • Take yourself to the movies or a dinner date
  • Long relaxed bath or shower
  • Treat yourself to a spa day or buy the masks and do it yourself at home.
  • If you really brave go on a trip by yourself.


No matter what you decide, treat yourself gurl! Me time is something that is really important you cannot pour from an empty cup. So however you refill, rejuvenate and refresh your self, please let me know. Also whilst you here remember sharing is caring, share the link to this post with as many friends as possible. Do not forget to subscribe so you can get a notification every time I publish a new post.



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