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Have some fire. Be Unstoppable!

Before I begin today’s post I need to thank all of you for your support and how well you are receiving my blog and Inspire Mondays. Today I am going to be honest I am womyn down ,sick with flu, but I have deadlines to reach. So today’s wise words are not only for you but also for me. They come from everyone’s spirit animal Dr Christina Yang.

So if you are feeling down whether through sickness, Monday blues or because the year is flying so fast and you feel like you haven’t reached your goals. Read that quote over and over again. It is your reminder to remind yourself who you are and what you are made off. Your only limitation is you.

May this be the week that you smash each and everyone of your goals, the week that you ignite someone else’s fire ( too often we diminish others light).  The week that you are a better version of yourself. You are a force of nature and the answer you have been looking for.

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  • Graham Claydon

    sandy it sounds great..definitely going to go browsing through when i can..keep on keeping on..graham

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