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The Best advice I have received

Hey there and welcome, I truly hope the more you read the blog the more it feels like we are friends having a conversation over some fermented grapes or tea.  Some of my favorite sayings are “each one teach one” and “when you know better you do better”. So to fulfill these sayings today I am going to pass on some of the best advice that I have received and hopefully you will get to know me a little better.

My best requires rest

My life coach (I believe everyone either needs a life coach or therapist) texted me these words of wisdom one night. It really sunk in, I have an unhealthy habit of once I start doing one of my passions I get obsessed and it consumes me. I only come up for air when necessary or when I am absolutely battered but this advice really sunk in, so much so that I journaled about it and I took a two day rest. At first I was restless and a bit anxious  but after the 48 hours were over I was refreshed and had new perspective. I now know when to switch off and why my best requires rest.

Always leave room for disappointment

I cannot remember what disappointment I had just experienced that caused my brother to say this to me. But the words have stayed with me. Now no matter the situation or occasion I go into it with this mindset and I am so much better for it.

If you do not love yourself no one else will

These words of wisdom were uttered by my mom as a result of some body insecurity I was experiencing at the time. She taught me that I needed to love every inch of my body, that if I didn’t love me no one else would. She also taught me that people learn to love us from the way we treat ourselves.


This is the moment you became Queen

To understand this verse you need to read the book of Esther and the hardships that her people faced and the significance of these words her uncle said to her. What I learnt is that perhaps all the challenges in your life were preparing you to be queen. They make your jewels in your crown shine brighter.

All things work for the good for those who love the lord

I repeat this verse over and over like my life depends on it whenever times are tough. It not only shifts my focus to understand that I will go through hard times but they will work out for my good, this allows me to go through the season. To understand it’s just a season and not a life sentence and it reminds me whose daughter I am.

Do you have some words of wisdom for me or advice that has gotten you through the worst of time? Perhaps you have received some of the worst advice please let me know on the comments section. Please feel free to share the post let’s start a conversation.

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