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What are you declaring over your life?

This was the question that came up over and over in my quiet time. Often we take for granted the power of words but many religions, cultures, inspirational leaders write about the power of words. In Xhosa we say “ukuthetha kuya dala” Loosely interpreted speaking (has power to) create. This made me reflect on the words that I choose to use and how they affect my reality, this reminded me of the quote below.

Your words have so much power that they become habit which ,when often repeated ,then becomes your character. So ask yourself are you speaking life or death into your situation? Are you speaking ( therefore inviting) Blue Monday woes, sickness , negativity and poverty into your life?

Ask anyone who does daily life affirmations the impact it has in their lives? I pray that this week you speak success and a spirit of perseverance over your life.

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