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My journey with depression part 2:Separating the Anxious and the Real mind

I find that anxiety is a cruel beast in that it is a struggle between you and your anxious mind. A struggle that leaves you doubting yourself and your thoughts. A struggle that happens in your mind the entire day whilst you have to be a functioning adult to say that its exhausting doesn’t quite sum it up. You see my anxiety attacks were extra spicy in that they would invade my dreams so I had to learn to calm myself mid dream state. Yes you read correctly.


With today’s post I would like to share some of my own personal tips on separating the anxious thoughts from your real rational thoughts. It’s not going to solve world peace but I do believe it could help you just live better.

Anxiety is not logical

My first tip is to understand that anxious thoughts aren’t logical! So if you start feeling like everyone hates you or overthinking every interaction and a million ways you could have done them better, or even worse your thoughts are now forecasters of doom before you drop and roll into a fetal position. Try this instead write down all the thoughts and just try to rationalize them, for example ask yourself why would everyone hate you and is it really possible for everyone to hate you like everyone?

The anxious mind will have your body going into panic mode: you know breathing heavily, feeling as if the word is closing in on you. You know that feelings palms are sweaty your heart feels like it wants to jump out of your body and there is that nervous tic, or that feeling like your insides are doing somersaults. Instead of paying it attention try breathing. Before you laugh me off try it:  breathe in hold for a count of ten, breathe out (through your mouth) slowly counting to ten. Then hold for count of two and breathe in and repeat for about five times or until you feel like you are in control again. What works for me is that I do it while taking a short walk outside and just taking in the sights and the sounds you see the anxious mind lies and makes us lose touch with reality doing this helps us remember nope the world is not ending.


Anxiety is a liar :You are not alone !

Another trick of the anxious mind is that you are alone and people will not understand what you going through or it tells you, you are crazy. Well first of all the mad hatter said all the best people are mad. Secondly you will find that having a good support system or therapist is essential.  This comes in handy when you have these thoughts, you can share them. This quickly disproves the lie you are alone.


Another lie of  the anxious mind is that things will never change or get better, you will always be like this. Not true nothing stays the same forever. If you put in the work and avoid triggers and cut off people who are not good for your inner peace then things will definitely get better.

Disclaimer: the tips of separating anxious mind are not meant to subordinate the advice of your therapist, treatment or whatever works for you. It is however for those who suffer from anxiety to let you know you are not alone. Also finally it’s a little sensitivity training for others to understand what inner struggles people are going through. As always I love to hear from you


3 thoughts on “My journey with depression part 2:Separating the Anxious and the Real mind

  1. So many people are going through this sort of thing nowadays and like you brought out – you never know what other people are dealing with. It really does take a lot of strength of will to get through life despite anxiety and depression, but it sounds like you have a good support system and that’s huge! Don’t give up!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. The worst thing about it is that its a mostly invisible illness so we just need to be to be kinder to people. we really do not know the monsters they fight each day

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