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The destructive things we say

Think before you speak. The words you say can only be forgiven not forgotten.”


Hi and welcome to my third and final blog on my series about depression. Today I want to talk to the people we turn to in our time of need, people we open up to and the destructive things they say. Take it as a sensitivity lesson or things not to say either way you’re welcome!

  • “But you are so happy and such a strong person”. If you have ever said this to someone and never had the silly slapped out of you be very grateful.
  • “You are too young to be depressed, what can you possibly be depressed about?” Well excuse me Susan but I wasn’t looking for a competition on who has the most things to be depressed about.
  • “That happened long ago how can it possibly still be affecting you now? “
  • “It is all in your head there is nothing to be anxious about just relax.
  • “You just need to pray”. So many black people are suffering (with no real help) from mental health because of this statement. I am an unashamed Christian but even our churches have counselors. Sometimes just prayer isn’t enough.
  • “By saying you are depressed you are accepting it and inviting it into your life? “

Perhaps my friends and I need new people to open up to or perhaps people need to think before they speak.  If you do not know what to say when someone opens up its ok to say I do not understand what you are going through but I am here for you.

As always I appreciate your time, please tell me some of the things people have said to you or perhaps you are the culprit. Either way I would love to hear from you.



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