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5 Things To Do When You Absolutely Hate Your Job

So I have just gotten off the phone with a friend that isn’t getting on well with her boss certain promises were made and the boss isn’t keeping them. My friend needed an ear to listen and some advice and since I work in HR she thought she could kill two birds with one stone. She is not the first of my friends to not enjoy work and she is certainly not the last but something has just got to give.

That face you make when you frustrated

Our job is the one place that we spend most of our time, we see our colleagues even more than we see our own family. There are those times when work is our passion and our colleagues become friends and our ambition is our alarm clock and we look forward to work. Then there are those times where we look for ways to become overnight millionaires and then we snooze our alarm clocks when our get rich quick schemes don’t work. What is worse is when, while having your morning coffee , and you are having panic attacks at the mere thought of going to work. Whatever your situation I am dedicating this to you.

I have been blessed with great jobs and bosses, in fact I am still friends with them way after we have parted our ways. I have also been blessed with horrible colleagues that I have felt like punching in the face, just in case you wondering the blessing is the lesson. Today I am going to share some ideas that I or some friends of mine have used when work was hell on earth.

1: Talk to someone

For starters you need to find someone who is impartial that you can talk to and vent your frustration, it would be best if the person is not from your work (you do not want a conflict of interest occurring). A sympathetic ear might help and someone who is removed from the situation can offer input you haven’t considered.

An unbiased ear always helps

2: Get some perspective ( is it really that bad or can you do something about it?)

A friend of mine went out for lunch ( change of scenery) wrote down exactly what bothered her about the job and then looked at what were the changes she could implement to change the situation. One of them was changing her outlook towards her job: in that it was necessary as it provided her the opportunity to travel and do the things she loves. The other thing she could do was talk to her boss this wasn’t easy, but it worked out for her.

Breathe and change the perspective

3: Change your focus

Another suggestion is that of volunteering your time to charity, finding a hobby. Sometimes we just need to redirect our frustration and/or a gentle reminder that some people have it worse and we could be of some help.

4: If all else fails, leave!

I would never recommend to someone to leave a job unless they have a plan B, so start applying for new jobs, but what happens when the situation is toxic and then is affecting your health? This is the one time only that I would suggest that you leave immediately, should you be unable to do your job you will be replaced however your family still needs you. Your peace of mind is important and if the job makes you sick make sure you have some savings to take care of you whilst you job hunt.


5. Keep your integrity 

One last thing through all of this keep your integrity and make sure that you do a great job at your work and no matter the situation do not post your issues on social media. I know of someone who went to a disciplinary hearing over comments posted ( on a drinking binge) on Facebook.

As always thank your time.Perhaps you’re experiencing a bad time at work or you have other suggestions please let me know on the comments, I would love to hear your stories.


4 thoughts on “5 Things To Do When You Absolutely Hate Your Job

  1. It is so typical that we get consumed with all the negativity in the workplace. As mentioned we spend majority of our “awake” hours in this space. Make it conducive, change what can be changed, live it, make it happen. Create your own happiness in your space. Taking often helps alleviate the pressure. Be open and honest. Big ups friend to this post.

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