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The Beauty In Starting Over

Hey there my awesome readers, I do hope you had a relaxed weekend ( although short) and you are ready to own this week. Today  I want to share a post I saw and that spoke to me on so many levels.

You might be going through a particularly difficult time but I want to remind you that pain and failure is temporary but quitting lasts forever. I get it I do not know how hard it is or how long this difficult season has been in your life but I do know that once you quit it will become easier until that’s all you know.

So today I challenge you to change how you view  failure ( successful people have mastered the art of learning the lessons from failure)  . I personally believe failure breeds success.Secondly change your view of pain (no pain, no gain) as someone who enjoys exercise I know that when it gets harder and I am about to give up that’s when my best results are close.

So do not give up, be okay with regrouping and starting over, there is a beauty in that but never I repeat never quit.As always I love hearing from you and don’t forget to share this post.


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