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Be Brave and Let It Go

For today’s #inspireMonday I would like you to get real with yourself, lying to ourselves serves absolutely no purpose. I am drawing inspiration from one of my favorite authors Paulo Coelho. What are you holding onto? Anger, disappointment? Old conversations, arguments or relationships that have passed their sell by date?

The quote clearly states that it is not easy to let go (hence it requires bravery) but he says once you let go there is a reward: a new hello. A sort of trade, a beauty for your ashes. Dear reader I may not your pain, fears or reasons for holding on, but I do know holding on longer than necessary hurts us deeply.

So this week let us let go and finally close that chapter and turn the page and look forward to the new extraordinary beginnings. Life is too short and today is all we have. As always sharing is caring. Do not forget to subscribe so that you can get your weekly shot of inspiration 🙂




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