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4 Pro tips to stop Procrastinating Now

We are never ever, ever getting back together. I have been singing that song for a bit over a decade but procrastination keeps on coming back. Reminds me of the good times we spent binging that series instead of finishing an assignment. Then I remind him of the bad times: me (trying and failing ever miserably) to catch up an entire semester in one week. He looks at me with those dreamy eyes and says you and I are one, we are the same. Procrastination is me and I am you. Before that gets awkward (yeah Sandisiwe that was awkward a few sentences ago) Today we tackle and finally let go of procrastination.

As much as I love laughing and relating to (oh boy do I relate) to the procrastination memes, something needs to be done  not tomorrow but today. Cause if we really honest with ourselves its not a healthy habit to have. So here are my pro tips of breaking up with procrastination.  Yes I am a pro did you not read my opening paragraph?


Prioritize the tasks

  1. Split the tasks according to: urgent tasks: that need to get done now. √

Tasks that are recurring: set a day and time for them, you need get into the consistent habit of doing them instead of having a buildup. √

Perhaps you have weekly filing but you procrastinate it to once a month and now it’s a mountain and you have another deadline?

The long term tasks/ projects: break them down to more manageable and realistic achievable parts. We often set ourselves up for failure and this fuels procrastination

Are you really ready to break up?

  1. Get real with yourself? Do you really want to stop procrastinating? Or have you sort’ve got an unhealthy addiction with living on the edge, achieving things at the absolute last moment. Write down how this affects your quality of work, quality of life and your reputation? This will serve as a motivation or reminder on why procrastination cannot be your friend.

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It’s time for a fundamental mind shift!

  1. Change how you view life. Today is all you have, this moment is all you have once it’s gone it’s gone. How would doing just a few things instead of postponing improve tomorrow or 10 years’ time? Completing this one assignment could be the defining point of whether you get your honours and live the life you want. Also do not be hard on yourself remember that procrastination has become a habit so some days will be better than others. One day at a time. Also you need to be conscious of the decision to not procrastinate; like I have become a master of being easily distracted so I had to learn the triggers and cut them out. ( I know yay me)

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Be extra and don’t forget to reward yourself


  1. I feel really serious (like yeah today things are going to get ticked off) when I have different color pens and post it sticker and even the right playlist that will motivate me and keep me in the zone. So whatever helps you, do it. Also do tick the completed work off it gives you a head rush (feel good hormones are released) and once five or more things are done give yourself a mini reward so that you can keep going.

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Before you head out into the world to be productive, I believe any change of self requires work and the desire to change. You deserve a life where you feel more accomplished and you are not avoiding people (or bosses) a life where you are not constantly anxious.  So give the tips a try you are worth it. As always I always enjoy hearing from you so tell me of any tips you use.





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  1. You are so correct everyone can relate…. Procrastination it’s time to get over u…. Like a bad relationship lol

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