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The Greatest love story….Between You and God

Hi there, before I start is it me or has the year flown by? Still so much to accomplish and it seems like so little time (Sigh!). Today for my #InspireMondays I want to talk about a quote by Yasmin Mogahed, that just spoke directly to my soul.

How wonderful is this quote that it says that Everything  is aimed to bring us back to God our creator, who is love. Whatever you are going through remember it is part of the love story. I recently went through a trying time and instead of praying my fearful prayers I declared victory and asked God what is the lesson I am meant to be learning. You see before I even read this quote I understood that whatever trials I am going through God knows I can handle and grow from them. So now I no longer ask why me Lord? I ask what is the lesson and how can I turn it into a blessing for others?

Credit: Desenio

Dear reader I do not know where you are in your journey with Christ ( it is a process) but if you can start looking at all your experiences in life from this viewpoint; I believe it will only impact you for the better. I hope to encourage you that wherever you are currently in your life that its part of your love story. Every loss and joy is meant to draw you back to him.

Happy Monday and remember: sharing is caring. May you be inspired!

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