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The Real Reasons We Are Broke

You might not know this but the core purpose of my blog is to

  • Empower womyn
  • Encourage people to take off their masks and speak their truth
  • Start the conversation
  • Entertain

Knowing all that we can move on. Today we need to get real about the one thing that is not so nice to talk about, it is a leading factor in depression, suicides, divorce and general unhappiness: finances.July is national savings month and so our focus for this month will be on all things money. I am no financial service provider but my content where necessary will be vetted by someone more qualified. I am a twenty something who needs to honestly do something about her finances or I will be part of the statistics (actually I think I am already).

Image result for financesKeeping up with the Joneses

Social media will have you wanting to chase sunsets and be seen at the trendiest restaurants and the parties: that anyone is anyone wants to be seen at. Confession time when I was planning events to cover for my blog and the many articles that I could get from such. Durban July was on my to do list and the Veuve Clicquot polo event. In fact December 2017 I was already planning outfits, flight and accommodation and everything. Luckily a friend of mine who’s also my personal designer was like it’s too much money (I am more of a go big or go home type of girl). It took me a minute to agree and I am glad I did. You see dear reader what we forget is that the influencers (the people who live aspirational lives) they get paid to be at these events and very seldom spend their own money. Stay woke and stay in your own lane.

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Budget for what? For whom?

Hands up those who have a budget and hands up those who stick to their budget? Case closed, point proven. Too often we live way beyond our means, we no longer living paycheck to paycheck sometimes we spending next month’s money.  Money we haven’t even earned yet. Insane right, we have actually normalized this behavior.

We have sexualized debt

I know you are like what? Poor Sandi doesn’t know what sexualize is. However I counter you with this, why is it that we chasing loans, credit cards, account cards huh? Have you seen the ads about getting a loan? Being under debt review has become too normal, having a credit card has become the it thing. Cause we have to have everything now not when we can afford it.

Why don't you love me

We do not understand the language of money

I sometimes feel like school and partially our parents failed us. We have never been sat down
and had the conversations about higher purchase buying. Saving in compound interest. The
value of buying cash or laby rather then having too many accounts everywhere. The value of saving
for a rainy day.

Impulse buying or the world sale

You have to give it to Marketers they know the value of words, especially the word. We ( read me) love that word so much we don’t even check if there is an actual discount. The words sale block out the questions do I need it? can I afford it. Impulse buying is my guilty pleasure and I ice it on top with the words “Treat yourself, you deserve it”

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Today I wasn’t here to offer any solutions, but rather as we kick off the month of saving, we need to reflect. We need to see what is the cause of our current financial standing and where is most of our money going. In the coming weeks I am going to be suggesting ways to save money (live beneath our means) and save for the future (your future self-will thank you). As always thank you for your time, remember caring is sharing be sure to let me know of your thoughts on the topic.




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