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Soaring through your storm

I have a love hate relationship with hawks ( They are beautiful birds except when they hunting our chicks at home). In fact I am fascinated by birds of prey in general. So whenever I see one I will stop what I am doing just to admire them. They are particularly majestic (nerd alert) when its really windy, they saor for longer periods. They glide during normal weather but when its windy my goodness do they use this weather to their advantage, I mean they really show off.

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One particular day the wind was being extra and I really didn’t feel like going to work but a hawk caught my eye, soaring and doing little tricks. A thought came to my mind what if the storms in our lives are not meant to ground us, but are there to show off what we are made of. We are made in the image of God we are conquerors and overcomers, you cannot see your strength in happy times ( not much strength used to happy)

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So when the next whirl wind comes in your life give all your cares to the author and finisher of your faith.Get off your branch and soar, you might be surprised at how strong you actually are.

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