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My Favourite Quotes

Hey there! No day or week is the same. Last week I experienced writers block and  was generally bleh, this weekend I made sure to hit pause and refresh myself.Too often we are busy trying to do everything and take care of everyone and we forget ourselves, we cannot pour from an empty cup. Perhaps you are going through the same the same season, today I am sharing some of my favourite quotes to inspire you and myself included. 🙂

My first one is for all those moments you are worrying about the future.Image result for oPRAH QUOTES



My get up and go warrior chant.

Image result for Lisa Bevere quotes

For the days you wonder is it all worth it?

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I believe in declaring blessings over your life each day before you step out. Words have a self fulfilling power.

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I pray that you prosper this week and are filled with new energy to excel. What are some of your favourite quotes ?Do feel free to share with me, I love hearing from you. Do not forget to share this post.



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