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How to save money whilst shopping (it’s not a trick)

Hey there my amazing readers! It’s our last full week of July (this month had three months in it) and to finish off the savings month we go shopping. It gets better this kind of shopping also gives back to charity. Yep you guessed right I am talking about thrift shopping.

To make sure I got the (best) full experience as a first timer, I got the assistance of an old friend of mine who’s also a patron of St Bernard’s Hospice, Mimi has been supporting the shop and the hospice for the last five years. So whenever she has any good quality clothes which are no longer in use she donates them and regularly shops and attends their fundraising events. What drew her in is that the charity shop not only supports the St Bernard’s Hospice which provides palliative care but it also supports various other charities.

who said looking stylish had to be expenisve



How to thrift shop like a Pro….

  • Make sure you arrive there super early,so that you may find the best of everything first.
  • Go there when you have time to look through properly.
  • Be able to see  beyond the outfit in front of you and how you can add your own twist.
  • Saturday is half price , so you can get many more things.
  • To celebrate their christmas in July: everyday is half price day!

What I personally enjoyed is that there was a book section, my bookworm tendencies came out. I got a few good reads , so I will definitely being going back for more. There is a little of everything for everyone: there is artwork, vintage frames and crockery. I thought I would only find one or two things but actually I found so many gorgeous pants, top and books and I didnt even break the bank. So dear reader if you are trying to save more but still have the urge to shop till you drop why not visit your local charity shop. Thank you so much to Mimi ( our schedules finally aligned) and the amazing ladies working at St Bernards.


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