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They don’t love you like that

Stop living your life trying to impress people, they don’t love you like that.

One of the many awesome things about having a blog that has a book review section is that I now read more, not only that I am constantly looking for new writers. Preferably ones who write differently to what I am accustomed to. Introducing Sivu Matyila and his book -They don’t love you like that.


About the Book …

It is a compilation of random true stories not for the faint hearted- these are the authors own words. Trust me the small print doesn’t lie, he starts off by admitting his own shortcomings without provocation and this is a little hint that it’s about to get lit ( yes I used the word to describe a book, I need to get out more). The book leaves no stone unturned and every issue that affects us as South Africans is written about.

The greatest awakening of my success and happiness was realizing that failure is nothing more than just a test. To assess your resolve and gauge how much you really want to be successful. A measure is not the end.-excerpt from I never got my balls

What I thought….

I really enjoyed his style of writing and his complete honesty I didn’t want the book to end. Below is a short description of the stories that stood out for me.

Dear Black people What stood out for me is the story of corporate South Africa, where black people are friends by colour and not by choice. Where black people are pitted against each other as there isn’t enough space for all of us. This letter to black people is poignant and tells some bitter truths that we need to accept and then we need to start enacting the change.

There is an app for that- I enjoyed the imagery used here. He talks about social media and the upsurge in cyber bullying, not so fun fact South Africa is the fourth highest cyber bullying country in the world.

Not all men- When I read the title I got a bit excited on how he would approach this topical issue, it was refreshing to read a man’s perspective one that’s willing to tackle the issue whilst owning his own fragility. However I was disappointed to see that it was the shortest of all the writings. He only scraped the top of the topic he could’ve gone further, perhaps he wanted to start the conversation or he might be writing a whole book on that.

Informed by my inner insecurities of myself, born from my timid childhood, I had always preferred to go for the women with which I could become the dominant. It eased my ego and reassured my self-image to be obeyed. When I met a person that I regarded as a dominant in her own right, and by her experiences, I became unsure of myself until she proved to be gentle for my ego excerpt from PS. I love you


About the author.

Sivu was born in Umtata, moved to Queenstown and settled in East London. In 2015 after leaving varsity he co-founded Bantu Africa Technologies a digital marketing agency. In 2018 he broke away and founded Find my solutions SA, a digital business development agency. He is the author of I was born the day my father died (2015) Letters to my nephews and niece (2017). He is an inspired realist, entrepreneur and dedicated writer.

Have you read the book? Do tell me your opinions I always enjoy engaging with you. Perhaps you have an author you would like me to read up on please let me know. Once again thank you for the non-refundable gift your time.




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