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How do people feel around you?

Hey there, as you may know  I suffer from anxiety and depression. I’m really blessed to have friends who go through the motions with me, in the midst of my anxiety attack if they cannot be physically there they will call and sit through it with me. This reminded me of one of my favorite quotes by the legendary Maya Angelou.

Image result for Maya angelou people remember how you make them feel

I am huge believer of introspection so this is really important to me. Not only is it paramount for us to cut off people who no longer serves us , people who are energy draining but what happens when we are those people? Ask yourself do people diminish their light around you?or do they feel secure and happy around you?

When we want to be inspired we need to remember that we need to do the same for others. May we aspire to be a sense of home for people, may our friends and loved ones know that we are always in their corner willing to be a cup of refreshment for them. We do not know the inner turmoils and battles everyone is fighting and though we may not know the answers I sure hope we can be willing to make people feel safe to be themselves around us.

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