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Why you can miss me with the squat challenge

It is not yet time for them yet but come spring the invitations for such a challenge will start streaming in and this year you can miss me. Why pray tell? Have I accepted my love for all things chocolate and love hate relationship with gym? Or have I been working my butt off during winter?( excuse the pun) Honestly it’s a little bit of both but below are my reasons why I will be skipping the Squat challenge. (Don’t you feel it more serious when it’s bulleted?).

The dangers of the squat challenge (cue dramatic music)

  • Most squat challenges do not have a rest day but instead increase the number of squats. Most professional trainers would advise against training the same muscle group two days in a row. The rest allows for the muscle group to heal (exercise creates little microfiber tears) and become more defined.
  • The risk of injury is higher: due to the number of repetitions bad form/ posture will occur followed by injury. ( I suffered a knee injury which impacted my normal workout routine)
    Image result for incorrect vs correct way of squatting
  • It’s unrealistic: the challenge doesn’t take into account your fitness level, age, whether you drink or not and eating habits. As a result you cannot manage the number of squats and the rate of increase, this could lead to you being demotivated (cause of the lack of results) and impact on the rest of your body goals.
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Now what kind of awesome person would I be if didn’t give you some pro tips, if you decide to join me and skip the challenge but still want to be bootylicous ( I mean super healthy and live a better quality of life).

  1. Try varied squats

The different squats will work on the different muscle group and let’s be honest it keeps it interesting.

Image result for kettle bell squats
Image sourced from pop sugar
  1. Add other workouts

I dedicate a day for each muscle group so that I can focus on it and give the other muscles a rest. This will ensure better results and a somewhat proportionate body.

Image result for guys who just do legs meme

I also suggest you change the intensity every 4 weeks (As your body adjusts) so the results will wan

Disclaimer I didn’t totally hate the squat challenge, I enjoyed the comradery and support on the days that you are unable to can. Girl support is the best support. Plus some people had more significant results than others, I found that inspirational.




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