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Choose day-The Power of choice ( A guide to Intentional living)

Intentional living-A lifestyle based on a conscious decision by an individual or group to live according to their values and beliefs. 

Hey there amazing humans, what a busy month August has been. If you are a loyal reader you would have noticed I have been posting less often, that’s cause my day job has been challenging but enjoyable. I thought as I get back to my normal manageable routine let’s start with some inspiration ( the world always needs a bit of that). I chose today instead of my usual Monday as I want to talk about #chooseday.

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If you are like me you have probably used this hashtag quite often but have you really thought about it? I mean have you really thought what it means to have the freedom to choose, life is filled with choices and if you are not making conscious decisions than they are being made for you.

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How does one begin to start to live a life with intention ( read purpose) ?

  • Firstly you need to figure out what are your values or your beliefs?
  • Ask yourself what is your centre ( Family, friends,career or God) ?
  • Who are your friends and why are they your friends?
  • Why do you eat the food you eat or better yet how do you view or treat your body, mind and soul?
  • How do you want your life to look and what are you doing to realise this vision?
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Before you panic, breathe,  you do not have to have all the answers right now, the beauty of it being a lifestyle means that it’s a process, a journey. Intentional living requires you to be accountable, so when you mess up or miss the mark accept it, don’t blame others and ask yourself how can I improve tomorrow? It also requires that you put in the work, each and every day and be willing to unlearn those self-defeating habits.

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I have always been blessed with a family that’s preached intentional living ( without using the term) so my brother has often given me books that spoke of this but I was too young to fully appreciate them. However when I finally decided that I want to live a certain life, I started by putting in the work and it’s paying off. I won’t lie some days are hard and requires sacrifice, waking up at 5am to workout and meditate in winter has been a challenge. However I am seeing the fruits thereof, not only in the change mindset but in the quality of people I am attracting in my life and how my goals are being reached and even surpassing my original vision.

Books that will help 

I am an avid reader and books that have helped me live with more intention are “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen. R. Covey,“Understanding your potential” written by Myles Munroe and “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” by Manson. I am sure there are many more books but these are the ones I have read and have worked for me. What I liked was that they were not airy fairy and challenge you to really get real with yourself.

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On this Chooseday ask yourself what are you choosing? As always I appreciate the non-refundable gift that is your time. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think I enjoy engaging with you.




  • Lisa Van niekerk

    Sandy’s place always gives you nuggets of truth to help us on the journey we call life love this #blogger xoxo

  • Nkosiphendule Star Ntantala

    I greatly enjoy your writing and particularly marvel the thought patterns. Inspiring but doesn’t put pressure on one but enables one to take a breather and think of reconfiguring the trajectory of their life. Great stuff…

  • Lethu

    Thought provoking and very inspirational indeed.
    Intentional living is one hard pursuit, your relaxed way of putting it across has made it much easier to swallow though.
    As you do say it’s a process and would probably involve a few other phases to kill before one could say they master the phenomenon if ever.
    Personally I do, but don’t we all suffer from the lazyness, little self defeating habits, which kinda hinders one from that daily mastery.
    Hopefully you will find time and inspiration to drill a little deeper into the topic. It would be great to talk more on the other items that this ultimate realization of self hinges on..

    Very interesting writing, looking forward to more..

    • sandyspl

      Thank you so much for your insights. I plan on writing more on intentional living, this is just a teaser. I find that if we simplify concepts more people can grasp them, better living should not be for just the elite but everyone. Do not worry we all have self defeating habits. Thats why its a journey everyday we become a better version of ourselves

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