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The first ever Appetite Fest


I recently attended the first ever appetite fest, held at Times Square Sun. Dubbed “a culinary festival that explores the diverse tastes and flavors of the Rainbow Nation “this East London foodie knew she had to absolutely be there. It was my first time at the Sun Time Square and what a spectacular venue it was.

The food trucks…..

My stomach was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin, for a minute I just walked around aimlessly, drooling and inhaling the flavors all around me. I tried to taste a little bit of everything. We finally settled on eating from Pan & Knife, they were quick with our order and from the first bite I was hooked. Then there was the Sumting Special they were offering food and cocktails. I had one of their potent cocktails (I suspect I might still be buzzing from it), their food looked delicious but we never got taste it as the line was long all day long. I don’t blame them though the crew was singing, dancing and just had a vibe about them. I was informed that they have a restaurant and are found at all big markets like the Neighbourgood and Fourways farmers market. There was even a gelato stand with various flavors including milk tart. The fact that gelato is healthier than ice cream may or may not have meant that I might have had more than one serving.

The Chefs….

The organizers had flown in the Master Chef Australia judges, brought in Siba, Sarah Graham and many other talented chefs. Honestly there was a lot to do and I should have rather done the festival in two days rather than one. There was so much happening all at once, there were even chefs having a cook off, cocktail and wine tasting so much to do so little time.


We got to watch Siba, who having just given birth two weeks earlier, was her first show in SA this year having been invited to Zambia, Nigeria and Abu Dhabi. She was her signature bubbly girl next door, who believes you eat with your eyes first. Also her cooking tips were really useful making smoked pork shoulder then recycle it into pulled pork with butternut sliders and then finally pork bake. Her tips were helpful for every day cooks such as myself and everyone whose cooked too much but doesn’t want to repeat the same meal. We also got to watch J something who opened up the show by telling the audience to never be afraid to dream or follow your passion. His cooking career started four years ago with him cooking a meal taking a picture and then posting it on social media with the hashtag that said something’s cooking which has led to him having a cookbook, being a judge on my kitchen rules and owning his own restaurant. He made a pumpkin cheesecake which he called one child to taste resulting in all the kids going up, alas my niece never got to taste – she spoke about her trauma till the next morning (So J if you reading my blog my niece needs a cheesecake). Next he made an authentic bacon carbonara, ever heard of people who are given a finger and take the whole arm? Well that’s me I went up for a taster loved it so much ended up having the whole plate.

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating-Luciano Pavarotti


The drinks….

There were many stalls offering nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks. In the mom’s tent the champagne was flowing, there was so many different wines to choose from and then there was gin. I think we can all agree Gin has become the new IT girl of drinks, as a fellow IT girl (game recognizes game) I tried out as many gin cocktails as the eye could see. I may or may not have busted a move at the entertainment area.

Basically my excitement for the event was well worth it, I would recommend that next year you attend both days so that you can enjoy all of the activities. Also food glorious food (yes that was an ice age reference) Where you at the appetite fest? How did you find it? As always I love hearing from you, do not forget to subscribe to the blog it’s totally free!! So you can be the first to know when I post.


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