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Lets Go Hiking- My first hike at Groenkloef Nature Reserve

I recently took a shot left and went to Pretoria for the appetite fest. The morning after I woke up feeling like I might have over indulged, who are we kidding I definitely did, I mean who wouldn’t? With some convincing I got my one cousin to come with me the other pulled out at the last moment.

We drove to the Groenkloof nature reserve which has the three (manageable) trails on offer, you can either hike, run or cycle the trails. On arrival I could easily see why there were so many people there, as there is a picnic area and a place for the kids to play. You get given a map but it really isn’t necessary as the trails are easily marked.

My love of hiking stems from being a lover of things and always willing to try anything once also I really enjoy being in nature. Plus I am girl from Dutywa in a village called Nqabarha and the old people walk everywhere sometimes up to 15 km just to go to a funeral. Basically being active and walking is something I always do and is rooted within me. So whenever the opportunity presents itself I hike whether it’s in Morgan’s bay or Lions head in Cape Town. It’s a great time to chill with friends, clear your head and also get a bit of  leg day feels.

If you are a first time hiker, I always suggest going in a group, carry some essentials, like water, sunscreen and trail mix and be ready to take beautiful pictures and have an adventurous spirit.

I found the trail to be quite the workout, it wasn’t too hard which was great as I have been slacking with my exercise regime. There were some random show offs who chose to run the trail like it was an everyday thing, I will stick to my walking thanks. As if things couldn’t get any better there were some birds singing so the nature girl within me really had a treat. The longest trail they have is 10.5km so those die-hard hikers this is not for you, unless it’s your rest day. The rest of us who enjoy a good hike and want to be able to walk the next day you should definitely head on over to Groenkloof nature reserve and strike your champion pose when you reach the peak.





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