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Stop Waiting For Better Days in order to be Great!

Molweni! , confession time I have missed posting but I had to take a much-needed break but more on that later this week, I am now refreshed, re energized and ready to own this week. I thought for my first inspiration for September let’s get real about our motivation and staying productive for the last quarter of the year.

Image result for you cant get much done in life if you wait for days that you feel good

I am always seeking to empower, motivate and entertain my audience and so when I saw this quote I knew it had to be our Inspire Monday. Too often we want to dress right, feel a certain way and have our ducks in a row before we own the day yet sometimes it isn’t always like that. Some days you might have flu, you might have a ton of work or your one comment away from needing bail money. It’s especially on these days that you need to do your absolute level best, it’s on these days that you need to take it one step at time, one task at a time. If we waited for the perfect conditions to do work we would never achieve much.

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Just incase you are not convinced, ever heard of someone called J.K Rowling, who are we kidding of course you have. Well she did not wait to no longer be depressed,  not feel suicidal or be off  welfare before writing arguably one of the best books of this century. If she had waited for the days where she felt good to work she wouldn’t have become the world’s first billionaire author, take that you lousy excuses.

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