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How are you celebrating Heritage/ Shaka / Braai Day?

Molweni, happy Heritage day. As with all things in this beautiful country of ours this day does not come without any controversy and who am I to shy away from such after all I am the kween of Spice ( self-proclaimed)


A brief History lesson….

For those who don’t know (ama 2000 I am looking at you) Heritage day was instituted in 1995 as a day to encourage South Africans to celebrate their culture and diversity of beliefs and traditions, hence further bringing the point home that the country belongs to all who live in it. Pre 1995 it was known as Shaka Zulu day to commemorate the legendary warrior King Shaka.10 years later there was a media campaign to rebrand the holiday as national braai day then in 2007 it was changed to braai4heritage. The main purpose of the campaign was to recognize the common shared culinary tradition of braais.


My personal viewpoint….

In a country where company’s dress code or style guidelines still view wearing a doek as unprofessional, I am talking about eNCA not airing Ntobeko Sibisi Africa day footage because she was wearing a doek. Who still remembers the Pretoria Girls school protest over the code of conduct where girls were forced to chemically straighten their hair? This all happened less than three years ago. We need days like this to understand that our hair is our crown and that our natural hair is beautiful not just on these days but every day same goes for our traditional attire. We can braai any and every day but let’s not lose sight of the importance of these type of days.

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With that in mind it’s not enough to just go to the museums, the rallies, we need to learn more about our cultures, then educate our neighbour then learn about theirs. In a country with eleven official languages how many can you speak?

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However you choose to spend your day whether getting some much-needed sleep, having a braai with friends or family or catching up with the grandparents and learning more of your heritage,I hope that I have encouraged you to learn a bit more about your fellow country man’s history. I know it will not be without some trepidation I mean the great trek has different meanings for different people but we do not live in isolation, America has the same feelings around Christopher Columbus day and Thanksgiving day. I am always a fan of difficult honest conversation the best healing comes from them.

As for me I am home cooking a birthday meal for my mom and spending some much-needed time with the family and our sheep and chickens. As always Enkosi for your non-refundable gift that is your time. Please let me know how you spend your Heritage as always I appreciate engaging with you.



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