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Girls Night In Ideas

“Good Times and crazy friends make the best memories”

(Read in whispered voice) I have reached that stage of my late twenties where I prefer a girl’s night in over a club night out. I will be the first to admit I have done (more than) my fair share of club hopping and dancing on tables  Now I prefer to meet up at someone’s house share a great meal, a drink and have  amazing conversation.


If this appeals to you then today’s post is totally up your alley way. I am going to give you some ideas for your next girls night in, by telling you what my friends and I do. Calling us a dinner club makes us sound like those people in their late twenties and thirties I used to hear about, in my head I am forever 21.

Alice in Wonderland with the cutest field mouse

For us it’s really important to make our girls night money savvy, so we host them every two months or whenever our calendars sync, you can either host alone or co-host. The hostesses are in charge selecting the theme and invites and the main meal. Everyone coming brings their own bottle of wine then the starters and dessert are split between the guests.


Choose a theme.

What would a ladies night in be without an amazing theme? Boring that’s what. The theme also helps guide your ideas for the menu. Some of my favorite themes we have had were the carnival (a sweet tooth’s dream) and an Indian night my mom’s friend really put her foot in the food and she was kind with the curry. The theme also guides the deco and the invites. (Yep you read right some of my friends go all out).

Add games.

These serve as a great ice breaker and opportunity to flex your competitive muscle (I am always in the winning team, well except for that one time it didn’t end well, more on that another time).  The games can range from twister, 30 seconds, face up, Pictionary, never have I ever basically the options are endless. Earlier this year we had an Alice in wonderland themed garden party and we printed out riddles for the guests to guess. Anyone who had them wrong received a jelly shot.

On this night we were trying out beer pong

“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew were having fun.”


Confession time, our first meet up, we were all so busy that 90% of us went and bought our designated meals at Woolies. Happy to report though since then we have mostly been making the food ourselves. Again your theme is what guides your menu, it’s always great to try something you not accustomed to eating every day.

Take many pics

Image result for pictures take us back to a time forgotten quote

Mix things up

Sometimes when in need of testosterone (especially on days where we braai, I mean who can braai while marinating the wine) we invite men. Yes it’s a girl’s night in but when the partners are invited it’s always a bit more fun. Obviously the conversations are always a bit censored (lies)

Have Fun!!!!

What is truly great about these get together is that they serve as a great excuse to unwind and take a breather from adulting. The comradery is also amazing and we cry and thrive together. It is absolutely important that you choose a tribe of grown womyn who have similar values to those of your own.What are some of the things you and your friends do during your girls night in? be sure to let me know on the comment section. I love hearing from you.






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