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Cheering others on

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“What I love about you the last few months is that you set your goals and then mission for it…You’ve got people rooting for you.”

This was a message from a dear friend of mine after I sent a voice note venting about whatever was vexing me at that moment. What I loved about it was that it was not only inspiring but a confirmation that I have the right circle of friends.

Image result for nicholle kobi dancingRecently I saw another friend posting on Facebook about how womyn do support each other it just depends on us to surround ourselves with the right kind of friends. This got me thinking about the people who don’t wish each other well, I knew I had to write my two cents about it. I just didn’t know the angle to take, then a random conversation with a dear friend about how Jesus not only wished his friends (the disciples) well but he said they would do better than him.

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This revelation in a text that I had read over and over again finally sunk in, I mean the great I AM, the being who came and took human form, died for other people’s sins, raised the dead and did all kinds of miracles. Told the men (that he chose from less than noteworthy backgrounds) that they will do greater than him. In fact he encouraged them to do better than him, what a welcome change in a world where once we finally get a seat at the table we take away the other seats.

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Is it sinking in yet? Are you having your Aha moment? Jesus understood that cheering others on does not change your position, calling or destiny. It does not take away from you. In fact I would argue that if you are in a better place than others to cheer them on is the best thing ever, it is your duty.

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 Before I get all preachy ask yourself, how many people could benefit from a kind word, applause or appreciation? What are you scared of losing? Finally why are you so insecure? This week I hope that we would stop being happy when others mess up, slip up or fail. I pray that we fix each other’s crowns without telling it to the entire world. The world has enough haters it could do more with lovers, peacemakers and people who cheer people on. Imagine the ripple effect?

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As always thank you for your non refundable gift that is your time. Don’t forget to share this post with as many friends as possible, save a life!








3 thoughts on “Cheering others on

  1. Indeed, we all need someone to cheer us on More So as we wait for the glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ in these end times.

  2. Hey friend love this piece….when u have the right circle for routing for u, u know you will be good. Always awsome reading yr blog friend. Much love. Mwah

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