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The Price of Owning your Craft

I am an avid believer of living a life of your own choosing and doing everything necessary to pursue your passion. I have written about the year of the side hustle. However there are some downsides to owning your craft, today I want to talk to the entrepreneurs the people carving out their own paths, today I want to write about the down side,  yes it’s challenging but it’s also worth it.



Time and personal relationships

If you are balancing a 9-5 job and your side hustle, chances are you will not have a lot of time to do everything. This then means you are probably going to miss some milestones, a friends baby shower here, a girls get together there and someone else’s celebration. It’s not that you do not care but it takes at least five years of putting in the work to become an overnight success.

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 Stress and Intense pressure

Ten to one your life is going to have a high level of tension and or stress as you are balancing everything, probably taking a huge leap (read risk) with no real promise that you will land on your feet. Bringing it closer to home, my blog is just the beginning, I am launching a brand, one of my goals is to be known as a writer but not be limited to one style or genre of writing trust me I have even more goals that most times scare me but that’s how it should be right? As such I make sure that I am surrounded by people who I can turn to for support, advice, encouragement or just a safe space when it gets too much.

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Money, security and stability

I do not believe that money makes the world go round but it does make the journey much smoother, I would rather be crying my eyes out in a Range Rover than on a bicycle. Money also does bring about security and stability. Therefore if you have given up a 9-5 to fully pursue being your own boss, sometimes you miss that security of a regular paycheck. You might find concerned family and friends advising you to have a backup plan like getting a job. Many would argue once you have a backup plan you do not give it your all.

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You also stand the chance of sacrificing money in the beginning when all your profit goes in to the day to day running. The industry you in also might require some capital, I had a conversation with a designer friend of mine who said to trademark your designs cost R250 000 (I know right, almost dropped my wine, ahem mean coffee) when you trademark you need also trademark the various alterations they can make to your design. This is one of the reasons that intellectual property theft is so high in the fashion industry. Case in point Zara very distasteful copy of Laduma socks. So not only will you work hard, sacrifice a lot but you run the risk of copycats.


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My aim is not to demotivate you, if anything I want you to be aware of everything so that you can better manage the curveballs. Trust me the climb will all be worth it, you will breathe in a different type of air and understand why many don’t experience it. So if you are just about to hang up the towel, dont! if anything give it one more try, one more day. Many celebrities, business owners, owners of their own empires started out where you are right now.

“I gotta keep pushing this boulder until I get some momentum. Once it starts to roll on its own, I can kinda start to live my life a little bit more, and that’s the sacrifice that people don’t really get. These people you see with these legacies, they don’t ever talk about what they sacrificed to get there. People think these things just happen. It’s not like that. They give up so much of their personal life, their love life, whatever, this, that, and personal things.”- Michael B. Jordan, Vanity Affair 2018 Interview

As always thank you for your non refundable gift that is your time, please engage with me and tell me some of your own struggles of making your dreams a reality. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can be the first to know when I post and have giveaways.



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