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Be Set Apart

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Happy Monday! Can you feel the Dezember vibes around the corner? I personally cannot wait to go on holiday and just rest. Today on Inspire Monday I want to talk about being set apart and what it fully means.

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We are nearing the end of the year and I hope we have reached most if not all of our goals. I know that the habit going forward is doing just enough to make it to the end of the year. I want to encourage you to do more than that, to not give up or in, push harder like it’s still the beginning of the year and you still have that energy of new year, new me.

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You see dear reader the people who are living a life by design are people who are intentional and take the road less taken. They are set apart, they understand the value of sacrificing momentary pleasures for the sweet satisfaction of the end results. People who are world changers are set apart, not only in their ideology but in what time they wake up, what they eat in order to fuel their greatest tool (their mind body and soul). They are set apart because they know who and what to focus their energy on.

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So if you want your future self to thank you later start now, start today. It doesn’t have to be huge steps but they need to be consistent. Do not be apologetic about being different, having different aspirations then your friends family or partner. Be set apart. As always thanks for your non refundable gift that is your time, I appreciate your support. Don’t forget to share the post and inspire a life !

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