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How to say goodbye to belly fat forever.

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Am I the only one who struggles with losing belly fat? Only I don’t call it that. I call it my food baby, sometimes I squeeze it and tell it that mommy can no longer keep feeding it and sometimes I scream at it to go away and never come back, and this for some unexplainable reason doesn’t work. Today we are going to deal with it once and for all. Firstly we are going to have an honest conversation and debunk some myths whilst we at it.

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Myth 1 – You can target just belly fat

You cannot isolate it. You cannot just target belly fat. Often it is the last part to gain fat as we put on the kilos as a result when you start your new healthy routine it will be the last part to go. So no Susan you can’t keep your new fuller boobs and just lose that muffin top they all need to go.

Myth 2- It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy, just drink hot water with lemonImage result for rolling eyes

It does require hard work and a change in diet. So you need to minimize or completely cut out sugar (for confirmation just look at JLo). Completely cut out processed food. Consult a professional find an eating lifestyle that matches your lifestyle and budget. You are what you eat and drink. So put down that pizza.

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Pro tips

Fear not it’s not all doom and gloom, there is tighter abs at the end of the tunnel. Just remember to take it easy and let go of those fad diets and go at your own pace. For me what works is dedicated days. So Monday is cardio and leg day. Tues arm and Ab day etc. I cannot stress the importance of cardio (I just happen to dislike jogging so I have to be creative with cardio. Remember it’s a journey so take it a day at a time do not be too hard on yourself.

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The bicycle is great as it targets the obliques


Also what would a post about abs be without my fave ab workouts? Boring that’s what and here at Sandy’s place we don’t do boring. Did you know that there are 6 different muscles in the anterior of your abdominal wall? It’s for this reason that I do various workouts to target each of these muscles

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The plank one of my trusted workouts as it targets all the muscles and you can change it up to increase the intensity. You can also do a side plank to target the obliques


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The scissor is great for the lower Ab muscles

What are some of your favorite ab workouts? are you also finding it easier to work out now that the sun is coming out earlier? I do hope you do some cardio then include some of these workouts in your ab day workout and then just for fun try laughing later that day.

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