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My Travel Wish List

Molweni and welcome to Sandivember, Yes it’s my birthday month and I renamed an entire month after myself. If you haven’t guessed it by now I love my birthday and I have heard of putting stuff out into the universe so I thought let me do the most not subtle hint ever and do a travel wish list whilst I wait for my savings to grow.

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My idea of the perfect trip is not staying at the five star hotels (not that I would decline such an offer) but I would love to mingle with the locals. I do not want to be a tourist I really would love to immerse myself in the culture of the place and see other places that aren’t just touristy, perhaps even share a local meal with an accommodating family.

Bali or Thailand
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I mean how magical is Bali no wonder its on my travel wishlist

Next year is the big 30 and friends of mine and I are considering between Thailand and Bali not only are these affordable destinations but they are beautiful and tranquil. Home to some of the most amazing massages, the fish who eat the dead skin off your feet is one such massage I want to do.


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Before I get to an age where I say turn the volume down it’s too loud, I would love to attend some of the world’s most epic festivals. So I want to party in Ibiza, Coachella,  any famous dj’s who want to take me with holla at your girl. I also want to Travel to Brazil, home of the Samba and witness one of the greatest carnivals ever.

Met and Louvre
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I mean I can’t roll like the Kween and clear it out but a visit is definitely needed.

The creative in me would love to visit these spaces of art that make you question the meaning of life, whilst in awe of the depth of creativity some humans are blessed with. Obviously experience the nightlife and foodie life of the surrounding cities.


New York City

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I do not want to go there to just to do the worst renditions of some of my favorite songs about the place but the concrete jungle is said to have an electricity about it no wonder it’s called the city that never sleeps. It’s on my bucket list of places I definitely have to go to.

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I want to see most if not all of the world (is that even possible?) I want to do toe curling things before my journey on this life thing is over. What are your most magical places you have been to or what is on your Wander list? Do let me know on the comment section as always I always enjoy hearing from you.


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