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Recount all the good


Hey there! as we are nearing the end of the year, it’s becoming harder to wake up cause our bodies are ready to sleep in with no alarm clocks and our brains are tired. That’s why I think there is no better time time than now to recount all the good that has happened this year.

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Too often we have a bad meeting, or one chaotic hour and then we say we had a bad day, so it is with our year. We might have had one or two things not go our way and we might incorrectly say 2018 wasn’t our year. That is why it is good to recount all the good, small and big. This encourages us to have a heart of gratitude.

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A heart of gratitude gives us perspective and allows more good things to happen. I am not saying block out all the bad as that is where some of the best lessons come from but I am definitely saying recount the good so that you can rest easy knowing 2018 was a good year and we can celebrate and prepare for another epic year. As always thank you for your non refundable time and I hope this shot of inspiration will inspire you to do better, live better and speak your truth.

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