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My Essential Summer Must Have List

Cue your favorite summer song pour your most potent cocktail and welcome the long days and short nights cause summer is here baby!! although some days winter still comes around to fetch her stuff she left during the break up SMH. Today I thought I would channel my most girly girl side and give you my essential summer must haves.

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~Day to night outfit~

I love dresses whether it’s a maxi dress or short flowy one as long as I can wear it to the office, then pair it up with my favorite wedge hill and change my hair a bit then join the girls for some sundowners as you know in Dezemba every day is a Friday. I do the same with cat suits, I had an obsession at some stage and had like ten different cat suits. At all cost do not forget shorts, you can almost live in them throughout the entire summer.

With the day time look you can pull your hair in a ponytail so its out of your face and you can do a natural look with your makeup

“Girls just wanna have sun”

For the night time, you can let your hair loose and choose more darker colours for make up

No summer essential list is complete without some sunscreen yes Melanin Kweens we also need some sun protection. The higher the SPF protection the better I would go the extra mile and encourage a lipbalm and or lipstick with SPF protection.

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Accessories are my one of my favorite things in life however they do not love me much I am constantly losing one thing or another whether it’s through a friend or other mysterious circumstances. I mean what is summer without a summer hat the latest trendy sunglasses and handbags. Be a little extra and be playful with your nails and add some summer inspired nail art.

“I need some beach therapy”


Having a bikini body is real simple put on  your bikini and voila bikini body complete, finding a bikini that suits your physique can be the challenge but luckily stores are becoming more body positive and making sure they produce bikinis for all body types. So go on and enjoy your best jiggly life (yep I stole that term from a dear friend).

~Body Shimmer~

I need to be honest I have been slow to get on to the shimmer/ body glow bandwagon so forgive me in advance if I over post this summer in fact why not join me on this bandwagon then no apologies needed. This will make you glow for all the insta pics you take ,I mean over Beyoncé , we have arrived.


~Hair products~

It doesn’t matter whether you are kweening with your natural, wig or weave be sure that its well taken care of, with the best products available as the heat can be a little unkind to our hair.

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~ A Summer read~

One thing about summer is that it means holidays more time to unwind and relax and what better way then a little escape. Escape in the form of a light read that catches your breath makes you laugh and cry and before you are too involved its over and you can spend more time with family.

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What are some of your summer essentials that you absolutely cannot do without? Be sure to let me know on the comments section, I always enjoy hearing from you.

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