Isabel Cosa Spring, Summer 2018/2019 Launch

I had the privilege of being invited to  the Isabel Cosa fashion show where they were launching their Spring, Summer 2018/2019 collection. With their tagline sophisticated chic I knew I was in for a treat.


The Brand

Gugu Fortuin who sits as its creative director named the brand after her mother Isabel Khoza ( spelled in Portuguese as Cosa, as a nod to her Mozambican father). She started and runs it from East London also selling through some boutique shops in Port Elizabeth. Saturday also served as the launch of the online store.The Isabel Cosa woman is confident within herself not afraid to set goals and work at achieving them. she has a rather unpretentious approach to clothing, seeking feminine, flattering silhouettes that celebrate her essence.

The venue

The show was held at the Anne Bryant art gallery garden and quite honestly for a moment I forgot I was in East London. I have to commend her it was an exquisitely chosen venue.

The collection

The theme of the collection was the Theory of love, the freedom and colour it brings. The models hair was styled into a bun by Pearl Bevu of Pink Touch and the make up was done by Nuvo Ink, their orders were that the models were to look sleek and pretty and compliment the outfits.

I had the opportunity of speaking to the face of the collection, Jesse Barnes, who also shot the promo ads. She told me how much she enjoyed working with Gugu who makes sure everyone is comfortable with whatever they are doing and is quite resourceful and professional. Though Jesse spoke well of the collection  my only issue was that on the runway she never opened nor closed the show, she merely faded in the myriad of beautiful models.

Having being privy to the behind the scenes and the actual show,  I must admit there were a few statement outfits that I wanted take home with me. I found the outfits whimsical and ethereal definitely must have for the season. The entire show was well put together but next time time definitely needs to be strictly adhered to. So lovely readers if you want to be whimsical this summer do visit the online store.

Gugu with the Model Tina modeling the showstopper flanked by the other models



  • Pumpkin_seedlover

    No lie, the clothes look fabulous. I love the colors, refreshing and vibrant. With Dezemba here, there is no reason to not slay 💃💃💃💃💃 what’s the price range of the items or website link?

    • sandyspl

      Hey there how are you? they really are fabulous. The link is in my post but I see they are not online yet give them till next week. They are also available on facebook as Isabel Cosa, she can respond to your pricing question there 🙂

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