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What not to do at your work end year function

It’s that time of the year again for office year end/ Christmas parties, where the alcohol will be flowing and some mandatory speeches we all wish we could press fast forward will be given. I thought to myself why not continue with my winning formula and be your Inyala Vazant to your fix my life and give you some do’s and  don’ts for your end year function.

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Don’t talk work

Like seriously? Do I even have to mention this? Surely as a semi functioning adult you can make small talk. This is a time to unwind, relax and maybe get to know some of the employees you do not always see.

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Don’t drink too much

Yes I know, I know in your twenties some of your best memories started with when I was drunk or tipsy. Trust me that will not be the case, most likely you will be the best memory (read meme, joke) for your colleagues. You still have to see them, pass the halls on Monday. Remember some of your worst decisions when drunk (oh you can’t remember them?) well now Suzie the office gossip has them on her phone for the entire office to see.

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Don’t vent the frustration built up over the course of the year

Are you reading this and going this is all pretty easy, matter of fact obvious stuff? Well my friend common sense is not a flower growing in every garden. So no my dear reader this is not the time to tell the boss how much you hate them or tell that one coworker how stuck up they are. Just in case you forgot you are still at work, the place you spend most of your time so try not to ruin it by acting like some fool on truth serum.

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Don’t get frisky

When I wrote this part I was singing my remix of everybody in the club get frisky, first of all you are not in the club so don’t even try it. You really like that coworker ask them out when you both sober. Whilst we at it no dancing on the tables save that for you and your friends.

You are only as strong as the drinks you mix, the tables you dance on and the friends you party with.

Don’t Drink and drive

With the age of Uber, Taxify having a sober drive is a priority. So go out and have fun but make sure you are safe at all times.


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So my dear readers before you go off to have some much deserved fun with your colleagues, perhaps you are part of the lucky few that become really good friends with their colleagues. Make sure you do attend, that you talk to some other colleagues that you don’t always talk to during the year. Most importantly make sure you do have lots of fun and make memories. As always thanks for the non refundable gift that is your time. Cheers to the weekend!!





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