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A broke girl’s guide to surviving the festive season

Molweni! my awesome readers as the president of the broke girls society I would like to open our meeting by  letting you know, you don’t owe anyone a popping December or the Insta pics. Now that’s out of the way let’s move on to the next part of the agenda: how to not go broke over one month.

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Have a budget and stick to it

This is the most important thing, do not be ashamed of planning  your Dezember money early, decide your limit and stick to it. This will help you not suffer the Januworry woes. Let’s be honest as amazing as the music festivals are it’s usually the same kind of performers, so pick the concert that has the lifestyle you enjoy and go to it, you do not need to attend all of them.

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Stahp being a moriki ( read blesser) to your family members

A lot of us work far from home so December is the one time we get to go home and spend time with family. You know what happens next,  you are asked what do you do for a living? because they not sure whether you are a student or working. Once they figure out you work then it’s a cigarette money here , a bottle here and the list goes on. I am not against spreading some love but stick to your budget.

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Your stove isn’t broken now use it.

The tendency is to eat a lot of take out and braai meat, trust me dear reader I am not about to cramp your style and say don’t do it but I would advise caution as not only will that tummy line extend but your bank balance will decrease. A little balance never hurt nobody. Another Pro tip is buy food with a long shelf life because in Januworry the braai invites will be non-existent and payday is 365 days away ( or at least it feels like it).

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Do not fall into the social media trap

If your friends are posting beautiful vacay trips like them, comment on them but do not, I repeat do not take out a loan all because you want to compete. It is more likely they have been saving for that trip also whether you vacation in Bali or Dutywa you can still have fun.

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Pay your debts

This is not the month to skip your monthly payments, come on do it for your future self, as in January future self. A tip for the parents buy all stationery, school necessities right now before you spend a single cent.

So  we come to the end of the broke girls society meeting. What are some of your handy tips that you use to make sure you do not go broke over the festive season? as always thanks for your non refundable gift that is your time. Do not forget to share the link and subscribe ( its free) so you can be the first to know when I post.

3 thoughts on “A broke girl’s guide to surviving the festive season

  1. I always save money from Jan to Nov to finance my December fun :)… by doing so, I always make sure not to touch my December salary or any other savings during this hectic time of the year. Luckily for me, this December my family and I won’t be travelling. Netflix, pool side chilling and lots of salads for me.

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