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My most read posts for 2018

Hi there my awesome readers, you might have noticed that I am not posting as regularly,quite honestly my nine to five has me doing back strokes as we try to finish off the year. I thought to mark  the blogs seven month monthversary ( YAAY US) we would take a short walk down memory lane and rate in Chronological order the most read post of all time ( 7 months ).

  1. What not to do at your work end year function?

This is one of my latest posts and I attribute it being number 1 as more people knew the blog existed and honestly people are not trying to be the joke of the office. I quite enjoyed writing this fun piece.

2. Chooseday : A guide to intentional living

My inspiration Mondays were never a planned segment of the blog however I realised I enjoy finding short inspirational messages to start of my day. What I love about this  segment is that I write it in one day no need to edit it like many of my other writings. This one was one of my personal favourites as I am really intentional about the life that I want to live.

Sandy’s Place – South African Lifestyle Blog

3.  5 Things to do when you absolutely  hate your job

The amount of private messages that I received on this post showed how many people related to this post I do hope that 2019 is the year of great jobs.

Sandy’s Place – South African Lifestyle Blog
That face you make when you frustrated
4. Womxn need a safe space 

My tea sipping series has been my more “spicy” truthful of my posts I honestly cannot wait to push the envelope and start more conversations, beware though some tea will be spilled.

Sandy’s Place – South African Lifestyle Blog

5. My Journey with depression 

I do not know how many times I wrote, rewrote this particular post and I still feel I haven’t fully described the emotions involved in this journey. I plan on dedicating a few posts about my journey in the new year. 2018 has definitely been a year where mental health has come to the forefront but we have barely scratched the surface.

Sandy’s Place – South African Lifestyle Blog

I wouldn’t have today’s post if it wasn’t for all of you awesome loyal readers and I cannot believe that soon we will be a year old. I honestly have so many plans for this blog and I do hope that we continue on this journey together, growing and laughing side by side.

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