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Why New Year’s resolutions are so 2018

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.-Oprah Winfrey”

Happy New Year family hope you are still lounging around poolside with the family and are still successfully evading adulting. Perhaps you are part of the unlucky few who are back at work and getting the last minute school stuff for the children. I thought for my first post for the year let’s get real about why resolutions are out of date.

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The definition of a resolution is that it’s a promise to self to do or not to do something. Some popular examples would be this year I will exercise more, I will save more money, and I will do more things that make me happier.

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Sounds like some good resolutions right? Before saying yes let’s look at the definition of goals which is the object of a person’s ambition or effort aim or desired results. Goal setting requires ambition hard work with the end goal of having results. I prefer goal setting as it’s specific, measurable and there is a reward at the end.

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Why resolutions need to be left in 2018?

  • Set you up for failure – due to the fact that they are not realistic or specific they have a higher chance of failure
  • Not good for mental health– We set ourselves up for failure early in the year ( most resolutions are given up by second week of the year)

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This year and every year we need to level up and be better versions of ourselves in fact I want this year to be the year that I smash goals.

Sandys place goals

  1. Launch the YouTube page– This will happen when we turn 1 (13 of April), we are busy creating as much content as possible
  2. Write for a publication – I have a few in mind so the process of approaching them begins
  3. Increase readership and subscription
  4. Start making money from the blog – This is not the main purpose of the blog but one cannot afford to have one stream of revenue
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I will make sure to make regular updates and report back to my accountability partners (you). It’s all good and well to write down goals but what matters most is putting in the consistent work and tracking how far you have come. What are some of your goals this year? Be sure to let me know in the comments section I always enjoy engaging with you.


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