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Life lately, a quick update and what to expect.

Hello my awesome readers, I have to start out by saying I really appreciate the support. When I write I hope to entertain, inspire, encourage at least one person to speak their truth. However, when I post I am not sure if I am being seen but that’s where my analytics come in and we are showing substantial steady growth. I appreciate the comments on the blog, Facebook page, Instagram or just in person it really means a lot.

I wanted to write this post so we all know where I am at this year, so if I ramble forgive me it’s part of my charm and will make sense at the end, if not you will get your money back. The blog is 8 months old now and is going through a period of trial and error, so as to see what works and not. The first thing I plan on sticking to is that I will be posting twice a week, however due to my work schedule I will not do dedicated days, yet. I have added some advertising to the blog but will give it time to see whether affiliate programs work for me or not. I know some people do not like advertisements for that I am sorry ,I believe in having more than one stream of income.

When I came into the blogosphere, I was very single minded thinking I would just blog, I have since learnt the meaning of ignorance is bliss. Bloggers really work hard so I plan on dedicating time to learning more of the technical side of this world. I also need to focus on building a formidable social media presence for the Facebook page and Instagram (I have decided to combine my personal Insta page and the blogs for now).

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In 2017 I found a really great therapist and I decided not to go on medication but he later passed on and for over a year I did life without a therapist. I have decided to go back to therapy, I won’t stop journaling or leaning on my friends and family (They have been amazing) but I am reconsidering going on medication even if it’s just for the anxiety but I need to get out of my own way first. Do look out for some posts or vlogs on that journey.

In whole I am really excited for what this year has in store for all the different facets of my life. I hope to continue living intentionally, seeking God in every circumstance, being a blessing to others. One more important thing, I have just been informed, January is a trial month 2019 only starts in February as such I will only start posting bi-weekly then. I am also using this time to find said therapist and start therapy, read books, go on holiday and get myself ready for this year. I am also using this time to plan the first four months of the blog, it is always my aim to put out quality work so I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you.

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With love


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