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Eat this before your next work out and be the beast at the gym

Hello! Never have the words you are what you eat rang truer than before or after a workout. What you eat can be the deciding factor between a cramp, finishing your circuit or lifting more than you’re used to. This year I want an all year body, I am not waiting for summer to have a great healthy body and if you feel the same, today’s post is right up your alley.

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Depending on what you eat it’s best to eat 2 hours before your workout but if it’s a snack you can take it 45 minutes before. Remember your meal has to be high in carbs as they work as a fuel for your body. Must contain protein as studies have shown it not only increases muscle performance but helps with recovery. Below are some of my favourite pre-workout meals.

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Protein Smoothie

Whether it’s a blueberry smoothie or banana and peanut butter protein smoothie I enjoy them both cause they delicious and easy to make. Banana is my preference before a workout as banana is known as natures power bar.

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Plain yoghurt and Granola

Do not be fooled this can be a great breakfast combo but also pre- workout. I always add some quinoa and Chia seeds for that slow releasing energy. Pro tip find granola with as many nuts as possible.

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It’s a great source of energy and my friends who are bodybuilders are never without oats in their diet.

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Baked salmon, brown rice and roast veggies

Granted this takes more effort and its best to meal prep it over the weekend but your body will thank you. Who said it clean eating isn’t delicious?

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Grilled Chicken, broccoli and sweet potato

This is a great and filling meal, I quite enjoy it on the days I hit the weights. Since it is a meal I eat it a good two hours before gym so as to avoid cramping.

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Couscous chicken salad

Now this is definitely one of my favourite pre workout meals. I enjoy the different flavours but I also always really feel light, feel fuller for longer and the burst of energy has me looking forward to my workout. Still not convinced? Did you know that couscous boosts your immune system, is a great plant-based protein sauce and a great antioxidant (contains selenium). Don’t I sound like your favourite chappies wrapper?

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What are some of your favourite pre-workout meals? Do let me know in the comments section, I always enjoy engaging with you. Do not forget to share the link and subscribe to the blog ( its free) so you can be the first to know when I post. As always thank you for your non refundable gift that is  your time.




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