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Author: Paulo Coelho
Publication year: 1990
Genre: Spiritual
“Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

Molweni! As you all may know I am a huge Paulo Coelho fan and so when I found out this story is about finding ones’ soulmate I couldn’t wait to carve out some time and read it. Brida is a story that set in Ireland in the 1980s and one of its themes being witchcraft I couldn’t wait to discover how well known places like Stonehenge and druids would be incorporated. I loved the descriptions of the forest.

“The process of finding ourselves is called love.”


Twenty-one-year old Brida has a fascination with the world of magic, this story is about her quest for knowledge. On her journey she seeks the help of a recluse Magus who lives in the woods and teaches her trust the goodness of the world. She also encounters a shop keeper (who is interested to find out why the Magus would want to teach such a young girl) who leads her on the path to find Wicca. Wicca teaches her to dance to the music of the world. Brida must learn to balance her relationships and her desire to transform herself.

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“Emotions are like wild horses and it requires wisdom to be able to control them.”

What I thought

I am a fan of reading any book about self-discovery and finding ones’ soulmate. What I am not a fan of is being sold raisin biscuits as if they are chocolate chip biscuits. The author starts off the book with a warning about the reader not trying out any moon traditions without any guidance this leads one to believe there will be specific incantations or rituals written. Dear reader there is nothing paranormal in this book. Similarly, I struggled with Jesus loving witches. If you are a fan of Coelho’s’ simplistic writing style and his telling of Universal truths in story form, then you will enjoy the book. There were some parts I continued reading purely for the love of the author. I found the book lacklustre although I am quite looking forward to his latest book hippie.









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