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Start Now, With What You Have!

Hello, for our first inspire Monday of the year I  want to make sure that : after the mood, excitement of “New Year, new me” has worn off we are  still intentional in making our goals a reality

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Today’s post is about looking at all the excuses that are holding you back, doing away with them and just simply starting. You see dear reader it’s really important that we start with our goals right now, with what we have. Too often we are focused on what we do not have, waiting for things to all align, waiting for the fear to subside and we end up never starting and another year rolls on and nothing changes. This attitude and self defeating behaviour needs to stop today, tomorrow has arrived. This moment is all we have.

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If you want to be in a different ( read better) place this time next year then stop, writing, talking about it and actually do it.You can’t have setbacks, or backslide if you standing still. Move. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and focus on what you do have. This year and every year after that, you need to start and finish what you start. I pray that you might start operating in the spirit of completion. envision yourself ticking off all your goals, happy thought right? well get up and start.Ask yourself what small thing you can do, to make a difference today and start. You will gain momentum and you will find your rhythm and then nothing can or will stop you, what matters is you start right now. As always thank you for your non refundable gift that is your time. 🙂 Do not forget to share the link and subscribe to the blog.





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