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These things really do happen to me

Author: Khaya Dlanga

Publication year: 2018

Genre: Non fiction

I first heard of Khaya Dlanga when he was a budding comedian I was sad to hear he was solely focusing on his nine to five in advertising. I have since learnt it’s not quite a loss as he is fighting the aircon wars in corporate South Africa one remote at a time. That’s why when I saw this book, I knew I had to read it, the book cover said only his mom liked it but against my better judgement I still read it.

Image result for what genre is these things really do happen to meSynopsis

Khaya describes everyday experiences that have shaped his life. He recounts amusing anecdotes from chasing horses as a child in rural Transkei, to the time he fell asleep next to President Thabo Mbeki- as well as moving stories, such as meeting his sister for the first and only time. He also shares why conversations on race are not controversial and his feelings on feminism.

Some of my fave stories

The toddler who was left alone

This story was not only heart wrenching but really let you in on the content of the character of Khaya. He wasn’t ashamed of telling how he and the toddler were crying or the fact that he knew what to do ( feed and bathe her) as he was the best at raising his younger siblings a nod to his mother’s rearing skills.

“Sometimes trust we trust what we are afraid of more than what we want”

Jesus zone

The Jesus zone is worse than the friend zone, read in the book he describes it better than I. As the self-proclaimed poster child of gwababa, I was happy he had finally been able to overcome his own fame and ask a girl out even though it didn’t pan out as planned. What I enjoyed about the story was that when he was rebuffed he did not do the usual manly thing of insulting the girl, his reaction was refreshing.

My friend the Facebook novice

Honestly I laughed a little too hard at this one, I am chuckling whilst writing this and thinking about this story once more.

To be black often means to be doubted

Most of us can relate to this story and everyone could learn a lesson from it.  Here he shares his sentiments on how his forever looked over in presentations and the shock that people experience when they realise his the decision maker. He shares the story of his black mentee who undermines him until Khaya takes him to lunch and has to list his credentials and accomplishments. I found this disheartening that as black people we still undermine each other.

“You are already someone…you are exactly where you need to be…you are running your own race…be inspired by others but only compete against yourself”

My thoughts

I read this whilst on holiday, it was such a light read that I could go through quite a lot of chapters but also not feel guilty about putting it down and reading it later on. I really did feel like I was talking to a close acquaintance who later became a friend. In fact I am ready to write a blurb for his next book. I also learned that his not only a homie from East London but he also has two other books, I have so many books to read this year I am getting excited just at the thought of them. I enjoyed each story and I find myself rereading some and finding a new gem each time. Have you read the book? What were your thoughts on it? Be sure to let me know in the comments section I always enjoy engaging with you. As always thanks for the non-refundable gift that is your time.





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